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Programs and Services

Infant/Toddler Program

Watch your child learn through discovery in a stimulating and sensory-rich environment that promotes freedom of movement.

Our Montessori environment provides a warm, loving place where your baby can grow from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity. As professionally trained and nurturing caregivers, we are focused on encouraging exploration and supporting the rapid development occurring in your child’s first year. We personalize care for each infant based on their unique schedule, nutritional guidelines, and any other special attention they require.

K-Step Montessori Inc.

We collaborate with you and work with your child to develop their independence, attention span, fine motor skills, and language during this important time when their minds are most absorbent.

Our Infant caregivers encourage language skills through everyday experiences such as:

  • Singing lullabies and songs
  • Exploring sensory materials 
  • Engaging in daily conversations
  • Exploring picture books
  • Playing games, clapping, and word games

* Our trained officials provide infant care in a safe and secure nursery. This includes individual cribs and a private changing and breastfeeding area.

Want to visit and get involved in your child’s development? We encourage it, so you can nurture their budding skills alongside us and witness exciting learning milestones.

Toddler 2yrs-3yrs

Our "Terrific Twos" program uses hands-on sensory exploration and social interaction in safe and engaging surroundings. Through the guidance of our teachers, toddlers enjoy a learning environment that promotes their blossoming independence and social skills and fosters self-confidence.

Language is starting to blossom as toddlers expand their vocabulary from a single into multiple-word phrases. Our teachers continually model language and engage toddlers in conversations. By providing a language-rich environment that encourages your child's progress towards achievement of two-way communication, your toddler will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in conversations with teachers and peers
  • Follow one-step directions
  • Develop an appreciation of books through stories and read aloud
  • Develop short-term memory and recall
  • Use writing tools and make purposeful marks on paper

Daily activities such as watering flowers, viewing family photos, and playing with different types of movable figurines help toddlers begin to step outside their boundaries and embrace concepts such as acceptance, diversity, and personal responsibility. Toddler teachers encourage children to reflect on themselves, their peers, and the world they live in by:

  • Talking about feelings
  • Having "show and share" times
  • Encouraging play between peers
  • Expressing compassion and empathy in books and daily interactions
  • Connecting actions (i.e., taking a friend's toy) to an effect (crying from the friend)

A toddler classroom is full of math activities from figures for sorting to shape boxes for matching, cups to stack by size, and sensory tables to learn the comparison of quantity and volume. With our toddler curriculum, Bright Horizons teachers help one and two-year-olds take their first steps towards understanding math by:

  • Learning concepts like more/less, under/over, inside/outside
  • Counting to two or three during activities such as snack time
  • Talking about time in daily conversations ("Now…then…last")
  • Playing sorting and matching games

Meaningful engagement in the arts allows toddlers to think flexibly, generate creative solutions, and enhances development in other areas, including literacy, math, and science. Our teachers encourage creativity and innovation by engaging children in artistic experiences to explore art with all their senses. Your toddler will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore sensory materials - squishy clay, textured sponges, & scented paint
  • Experiment with and explore colors
  • Play, shake, and strum instruments like rain sticks and xylophones
  • Dance with scarves to varied types of music
  • Participate in pretend play
  • Play with puppets

Toddlers have a strong sense of curiosity about how things work and an innate desire to make sense of the world. From stomping in puddles to investigating a sandbox, our curriculum nurtures and builds on these instincts, offering toddlers meaningful learning experiences that continually foster and develop their scientific thinking and skills. Our teachers weave scientific learning into all aspects of a toddler's day by offering opportunities to:

  • Explore multiple solutions during story times
  • Play with puzzles and busy boxes
  • Manipulate playdough with tools such as cookie cutters and rolling pins
  • Experiment with volume through sand, water, and rice play at the sensory table
  • Formulate "why, what, how?" questions in daily interactions


Ages 5-7 years

With smaller class sizes and individualized attention, our kindergarten program allows your child to gain greater confidence in their learning abilities and deepen their understanding of the Montessori curriculum.

Give your child a chance to experience the full benefits of a self-directed Montessori education in a collaborative classroom setting. This will help them build stronger leadership skills to become creative and competent lifelong learners who will be determined to succeed in any path they pursue.

K-Step Montessori Inc.




Your child will learn about numbers and their functions through interacting with concrete Montessori materials. These connections are reinforced and applied through play-oriented activities. For example, measuring sand, water, and ingredients for cooking.


We will use Montessori materials to teach your child how to differentiate between sizes, shapes, colors, textures, sounds, and tastes using their senses. Through repetitive tasks, they’ll learn how to solve concrete problems in a structured and sequential way.

Language Arts

Your child will learn verbal and written communication skills by reading, listening to stories, speaking, and practicing penmanship. We encourage children to communicate their ideas and feelings through dramatic play, drawings, sharing time, and writing about their own experiences using tactile Montessori materials. We’ll also introduce them to various languages from around the world to learn about other cultures and embrace diversity.


Your child’s early education sets the tone for how they explore, learn, and grow for the rest of their academic and adult life. And at K-Step, we believe that bright futures start with supportive beginnings.

Want to enroll your child in one of our Montessori programs but worried about steep tuition fees? We can help you give your child the enriching education they deserve without exhausting your family’s budget.

As a non-profit organization with programs accredited by The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), we qualify for many state-funded programs. This can give you access to our childcare programs for free or reduced rates.

Applying for financial aid is a quick, easy and painless process. And it’ll be worth the big smiles you see on your child’s face when you pick them up from our childcare center.

Here are the programs that you may be eligible for: